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Find your water utility

Here are some tips to help you find the name of your water utility. Once you know the name of your utility, email your local officials and tell them to test your drinking water for PFAS now. 

Check your water bill

Water bills are often delivered via U.S. mail, unless the utility offers online processing with paperless billing. If you rent your home, your landlord may pay your water bill directly. If that is the case, consider asking your landlord the name of the water utility that provides water to your home.


Do an online search 

Municipal water utilities are typically named after the municipality that owns and operates them. Try searching for the name of your city , followed by the words “water utility”, “waterworks”, “sanitary district”, “water department”, or “water commission”.


Search DNR's database 

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources maintains the Public Drinking Water System Database, which can be searched by city, county, region, and type of public water system. 

Contact your local clerk 

Counties, cities, villages, and towns all have clerks who oversee a variety of important city functions. The clerk’s office should be able to direct you to your municipality’s water utility. 


Contact your state legislators 

Find contact info for your state legislators here. The offices of elected officials often provide services for their constituents and should be able to help you identify your water utility. While you’re speaking with your legislators and their staff, be sure to mention the importance of testing our drinking water for PFAS. 

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